College Activities

Annual Events
Toast to the moon, and the rivers flow down. Enjoy the poetic atmosphere in Chang’an, and find the moonlight in mountains and rivers. On Sep.22nd, Diligentia College invited you to the mid-autumn festival parade in our Chang’an city.
The sky is clear and the sun is shining, spreading a long memory through the leafy trees. Although it is early autumn, the scenery is still in the height of summer in Shenzhen. 2023 Diligentia College Welcoming Season came as scheduled, students from all over the world gather in Diligentia College. Perhaps in the hearts of Diligentia students, Diligentia is the symbol of home, filled with rich and colorful activities, and creating a sense of belonging. WELCOMING CEREMONY
Breeze in the spring brought sunshine and vibe into our campus, and brought the signal of farewell. In the days of flower blossoming, we came to graduation. In split of seconds, we were at the destination of this four-year magical trip.