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Annual Events
魔法棒在夜空中划过一道璀璨的痕迹,定义着这个夜晚的不凡。晚风掀起湖面上阵阵涟漪,倒映着闪烁的星芒与高悬的明月。 2024年4月26日晚,2024学勤书院毕业晚宴于隐秀山居隆重举行。本次晚宴以 “星辉共聚魔法之夜”为主题,学勤毕业生们身披学士袍,携手好友共赴这场盛 宴,为过去的岁月干杯,为未来的梦想祝福,度过了一个难忘的夜晚。
The sky is clear and the sun is shining, spreading a long memory through the leafy trees. Although it is early autumn, the scenery is still in the height of summer in Shenzhen. 2023 Diligentia College Welcoming Season came as scheduled, students from all over the world gather in Diligentia College. Perhaps in the hearts of Diligentia students, Diligentia is the symbol of home, filled with rich and colorful activities, and creating a sense of belonging. WELCOMING CEREMONY
Breeze in the spring brought sunshine and vibe into our campus, and brought the signal of farewell. In the days of flower blossoming, we came to graduation. In split of seconds, we were at the destination of this four-year magical trip.