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Emblem of Diligentia College

Motto of Diligentia College


"Xiu Ji" means cultivating the self, while "Shan Qun" means serving the society. Together, they mean "prepare oneself for serving others". Individuals can build better group dynamics through constant introspection and self-cultivation to reestablish meaningful relationships with others and ultimately transform the society.

"To achieve moral integrity" is to discover the truth. With daily tempering and practice comes better understanding of our moral conscience. With active implementation comes action for higher truth and compassion for others. With genuine conscience comes the desire to embrace the world, to do what is right, and to be truthful and virtuous.


To promote all-round development of the students --- physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually; To nurture students to know themselves and inspire them to engage meaningfully with society; To establish a culture that values integrity, harmony, cooperation, creativity and innovation.


Diligentia aspires to be a College that provides students with an intellectually, socially and personally enriching environment where they can discover and realize their intrinsic potentials and develop into thoughtful, compassionate, creative, and responsible individuals and future leaders.
The College Anthem
A Window to the World
词/ 方文山 曲/ 郑枫