Residential Life

College Facilities

Diligentia College, situated on the upper campus in a picturesque setting, is the second college of CUHK-Shenzhen. The function rooms fall into five categories: multi-function, study, sports, leisure, and art. Apart from providing more space for students to do self study and hold discussions, the function rooms also meet the requirements for students to have mini lectures, film sharing sessions, art workshops, reading salons and other co-curricular activities. They serve to provide support for better whole-person education of the College.

Residential Regulations

Diligentia College is a fully residential college. Student hostels provide residents with opportunities to enrich their non-academic experience in their university life. Residents are expected to develop mutual respect and the sense of responsibility through interaction with each other. All residents are members of the Diligentia Student Hostel. They must observe the hostel regulations to maintain a safe and harmonious living environment within the residential community.

Residential Wardens & Tutors

Prof. Du Juan
The Warden of Block A Wishes: Welcome to Diligentia College. I'm very happy to meet all of you...
13 Mar 2020
Prof. Chen Rui
The Warden of Block B Wishes: Welcome to Diligentia College! As the Warden of Block B, I am ho...
13 Mar 2020
Mr. Wang Yiwei
The Warden of Block C Wishes: Dear students, welcome to Diligentia College! Here you can me...
13 Mar 2020
Chunyu Meng
Wishes: Don't be afraid of infinity truth, and joy resides in every step of growth. ——Hu Shi
20 Aug 2021
Iris Tian
Wishes: Don't worry. Be happy.
09 Mar 2021
Tammy Wang
Wishes: I hope that you can find the goals and directions of your life, understand the meaning of yo...
08 Apr 2020
Eleanor Jin
Wishes: Stay Gold.
08 Apr 2020
Jelly Zhang
That's what life is for: dreaming and chasing that dream!
08 Apr 2020
Cheryl Gan
Wishes: Life is a profound book. Other's notes cannot replace your own understanding. May you find a...
20 Aug 2021
Ashley Liu
Wishes: Welcome to CUHKSZ and your sweet home - Diligentia College! Hope you will enjoy one of the m...
09 Mar 2021
Jessica Ouyang
Wishes: Welcome to CUHKSZ, I wish you can make the lifelong friends here and you can find the field ...
09 Mar 2021
Nature Lu
Wishes: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. So keep moving forward...
08 Mar 2021

Residential Connections

A group of people will share the same cultural memories if they go through all together. We are overjoyed to grow with our College, overcoming the growing pains in the process of development. We shall definitely feel proud enough to jubilate, even shed tears for the congeniality we share with Diligentia College years over years in the future.