Whole-person Development


The Resident Student Association of Diligentia College (RSADC) is an important student-led organization in Diligentia College. It is committed to building three platforms to enrich the students’ college life - namely, the communication and feedback platform, the resource sharing platform, and the resident student management platform. A series of activities have been organized by the RSADC to provide students with opportunities to help nurture college culture, promote college development, and enrich student life in Diligentia. These activities include “A Sharing of Tales of the World” to promote teacher-student interaction, a “Spring Gala” to mark the start of a new journey, the “Fantastic BIBI” to entertain Diligentians with an evening of critical thinking laced with wit and humor, and the “3R Flea Market” and “Garbage Classification” activities to advocate energy conservation and environment protection. Articles such as “Call for respect to property management staff” posted in public areas were also published to promote love, consideration and responsibility to fellow community members.  Please refer to Appendix 3.4 for the membership list of the 3rd RSADC.

Open Rain

Open Rain is a public welfare organization with vitality and passion. Through discovering, addressing, exploring, and even participating in solving various social problems and organizing various public welfare activities, Open Rain guides students to actively contribute to society, and enhances students’ sense of social responsibility. This organization has organized more than 10 activities since its establishment a year and half ago.


In March 2019, Infinite Outdoor Association of Diligentia College was formally established. It aims at “exploring nature and gaining outdoor experiences” and encourages students to “Step Out to Your World”. IOADC allows students to walk out of their ivory towers to appreciate the beauty of Nature with like-minded partners, to de-stress themselves, to open up their minds, to freely express their emotions, and experience the beauty of life, and to nourish the soul.

Service Learning

Education is constantly evolving with the times. To develop the College education timely is of vital importance in university education. Diligentia Whetstone Social Learning Programme, initiated in the spirit of Education Era 4.0, aims to cultivate students’ independent learning abilities through teamwork, allowing them to discover themselves, to care for others and to serve the society. The Programme plans to recruit 10 study groups, with 3 to 7members per group on average. Students can choose their study theme through team registration. After the group members are confirmed, students will study and research through discussions or activities, and compile the relevant information to report the results.

Exchange Communication



Diligentia College Scholarships are designed to cultivate students'sense of belonging, ownership, innovation and enterprising spirit, multi-perspective thinking and social responsibility, and to promote the well-rounded development and comprehensive quality of students. Diligentia College will reward outstanding students based on their annual college performance.

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